Past Events for Reach Outside

 Please note:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Reach Outside had to cancel all late winter and spring events. Before this, we had two skiing events fully planned. One was downhill skiing at Mt. Holly and the other was cross country skiing at the XC Ski Headquarters. The Reach Outside Adventure Race (ROAR) and the end of the year send-off event were in the process of being planned and also had to be canceled.

Snow tubing at Hawk Island

Winter 2020

Due to the popularity of the event, we went tubing twice this winter with two different groups! both groups, RDC and ******, had an amazing time! On both afternoons, there was snow on the ground but sun in the sky. Perfect weather for tubing! All participants and volunteers linked hands to go down the hill with the goal of going as fast and as far as possible in mind. Through this teamwork and sense of connectedness, we were able to compare, reflect and laughable out our many runs down Hawk Island. Later, the bonfire crackled and popped as we roasted delicious marshmallows for S'mores. 

Rock Climbing at Planet Rock

Fall 2019

On a Sunday evening in the fall Reach Outside took Upward Bound to Planet Rock in Ann Arbor for an amazing night of rock climbing! Thanks to ASMSU and our volunteers, Reach Outside was able to rent out all of Planet Rock. The 40+ participants were super excited to try the many climbing activities. Though some were very nervous, the air was filled with excitement and support. Fears were conquered and laughs were shared! Everyone took a break to enjoy some hot pizza and rest sore arms before returning back to the gym. Climbing races and friendly competitions drew cheering crowds and put a smile on everyone's faces. Each participant also was given a Reach Outside water bottle with a sticker and snacks as well as photos from the night on the way out. 

Another fall afternoon, Reach Outside enjoyed a day of paddling down the Grand River with some amazing youth! A ton of fun was had by all!

Snow Tubing at Hawk Island 

Spring 2019

Volunteer recap

Hawk Island Park- On a Saturday afternoon, away from the bustle of Lansing, a new group of Spartans began their vision at Hawk Island Park. It was a cold winter afternoon, but you could find a crackling fire surrounded by volunteers sipping hot chocolate as they connected in the first official group outing. S’more materials scattered about the picnic table, music played, and the snow tubing hill rose in the background, sixty feet up. Three participants from the ***** program joined in, and began interacting with the volunteers. Nearly two hours of snow tubing ensued, with volunteers and participants endlessly going up and down the hill. There was laughing, screaming, racing, and tube trains---and it seemed as the hours went on, the participants opened up to the event more and more. Reach Outside, a group with big dreams to change the world for underserved kids, is just getting started. As nearly 35*** members work together in planning and fundraising efforts, this new organization is able to create events that combine outdoor recreation, novel opportunities, and community involvement. The group’s next event is scheduled for March 23rd at Planet Rock in Ann Arbor, for a night of indoor rock climbing.

Rock Climbing at Planet Rock

Spring 2019