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Reach Outside is a student organization from Michigan State University dedicated to sharing our love for the outdoors with youth in our local community. Our mission is to coordinate events and provide volunteers that encourage young teens to get outside into Michigan’s great outdoors.


We believe that outdoor recreation has the power to teach youth new skills and help them grow as individuals, gain confidence in themselves, and develop relationships with positive role models.

Learn about Nature-Deficit Disorder

People need fresh air and sunlight to grow and thrive, and this goes for adults and children alike. Despite these needs, however, technology tends to keep too many kids trapped inside, instead of spending time in nature. This can lead to a condition called nature-deficit disorder, which is becoming a growing issue for children, adults, and families.


If you want to learn more about this potentially harmful disorder, as well as how to prevent nature-deficit disorder in your children and encourage a love of nature, then you will want to click the button below that has a list of resources.

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